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If you have any queries on rose growing or our Rose Society and live in Victoria, Australia, you can fill in the contact form, or you can choose the contact method below that best suits the nature of your enquiry.


Looking for a very particular special rose to buy in Victoria? You can check some of the specialist suppliers we list here on the site. If none of them stock your rose, you might need to look further afield. We also list suppliers interstate who may ship to Victoria, especially in winter, in the bare roots season.

Specialist suppliers

Some roses that exist in the world are sold in Australia under different names e.g Caprice de Meilland is here sold as 'Best Friend'. There is a very good rose database where all known extant roses that volunteers can list have been gathered. It is called

Here, you can find many roses, their alternatve names, and often suppliers from whom they can be got. Bear in mind though that this is an international site and that the roses listed may not be available in Australia. To find out, check the specialist suppliers. If you know of a brilliant supplier not yet listed here, please drop us a line.

If you know your rose has been in commerce in Australia in the past, but it's rare, perhaps members of

Heritage Roses In Australia

could assist with information.

All the best of luck in your quest!

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Papi Delbard


Bill Nelson 0412 866 350

Diana Fickling dianafickling (at)

If you're in Facebook, you can also get in touch with us there FB



Administrative matters, membership enquiries, requests for speakers and the like

Pamela Drake Noden - noden48 (at)


For matters connected with the website, including access to the Members' Area

Email the webservant by filling out the form below.

Suggestions welcome.

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We look forward to hearing from you, and remember, if in doubt, plant a rose!