Pruning is a very important part of rose care, for maximising the plant’s flowering capacity.

There are various types of rose bushes (e.g climbing, bush, standard, miniatures and once flowering and repeat flowering), and they each have their best pruning technique to encourage blooming and to minimise disease.

Pruning demonstrations are carried out by members of The Rose Society of Victoria during the winter months at many nurseries. Please enquire at your local nursery to see if they have organized one.

Demonstrations usually take around 1 hour and there is ample time to ask questions.

Demonstrators also explain how to plant bare root roses, what sprays to use and when, fertilising and general care of your roses.

Our demonstrators are experienced rose growers and will also advise on types of roses to plant for different purposes.

This page will be updated as new dates are arranged.

Come along to the pruning demonstrations to find out more, and bring a note pad to write down any questions you may have. You could also bring along a digital photograph of your rose to show the demonstrator. We will be happy to try and answer your rose growing queries.

Membership forms will be available to join the Society.
We look forward to meeting you there!

For a comprehensive guide on winter pruning, see this article.

We have found an excellent video clip on Pruning & Controlling a Climbing Rose and have asked Paul Zimmerman from Ashdown Roses in America for permission to use his clip.

On the Ashdown Roses YouTube page there are also some other excellent video clips on training and growing roses.

For any queries, please contact Jacinta Burke Email: